Continuing His Campaign To Unseat Maxine Waters, Omar Faces Down Protesters at the Breitbart Headquarters Counter Protest, Supports the Trump Agenda and Legal Immigration

Hollywood, California – Omar Navarro is the Republican challenger to Maxine Waters for Congressional Seat of the 43rd District.  Unlike Maxine Waters who has been virtually absent from the 43rd district and goes home to a million dollar mansion outside of the district she represents, Omar continues to be on the front lines for Californians, supporting the Trump Agenda, and his fellow Republicans, Latinos For California and Legal Immigration.

This time he took to the streets of West LA, California participating at the Trump Counter Protest in Los Angeles California at Breitbart Headquarters along with Latinos For Trump and Latinas for Trump.

Sporting the now ubiquitous Make American Great Again hat made famous by President Donald Trump in his successful bid for the White House, Omar in a similar fashion took his message directly to the people at a counter protest Breitbart headquarters in Los Angeles this past Sunday.

Omar Navarro

The protest had a heavy police presence in anticipation of the often violent protesters on the left who have regularly interrupted free speech attempts made by conservative supporters of Trump and Breitbart News. Anti- Trump protesters carried signs with their divisive message of fascism and other incendiary racial overtones.  Omar brings a positive message of inclusiveness, assimilation and representation for all Californians

Campaigning in the streets of his district and the surrounding Los Angeles area he will be featured on the Curt Schilling Radio Show for Breitbart News Monday morning on March 13th

On the campaign trail, Omar raising funds for his campaign, garnering the support of Latinos in California as he strongly supports the Trump agenda and denounces the beltway mentality which has dominated the 43rd District and career politicians who have lost touch with their constituency.

Maxine Waters has repeatedly disrespected her office, taking her constituency for granted by refusing to cooperate in Washington DC. Omar pledges to work for the constituents of the 43rd district and for all Californians.

Omar Navarro is running for the 43rd Congressional District Seat in California.  The district is centered in South Los Angeles County and includes portions of the Cities of Los Angeles, Carson, Gardena and Torrance. It includes the entirety of the cities of Hawthorne, Lawndale, Inglewood and Lomita. Be sure to follow Omar at

  1. Diana Marriott says:

    Finally, someone who will truly represent the people who want fairness in our government…so tired of the liberals impacting our state and taking away our rights. I hope this guy wins!!

  2. Shirley says:

    What is your plan for Californias water problems? immigration? Extreme Taxation? Welfare? I’m sure you have plans. Let us know what they are. And stop voting fraud!

  3. Linda says:

    I say to all voters in California.. .. your vote matters… Mr Navarro will bring American values back to your state… please volunteer and VOTE… the future you desire is here NOW..l

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