Omar Navarro Continues On The Campaign Trail to Unseat Maxine Waters

June 9, 2017 – Torrance, California –   While Maxine Waters was 3,000 miles away, calling for President Trump to be impeached and to hand over more of his old tax returns, further building on the reputation that she has no regard for the actual needs of her constituents, Omar Navarro was at the Action Republican Headquarters in Torrance, on Saturday, April 15th, announcing his campaign to unseat her.

This is Navarro’s second time running against Maxine Waters in California’s 43rd Congressional District. He won over 25% of the vote in 2016, with only 10 thousand dollars. Waters, on the other hand, spent over $650,000 in advertisements opposing Navarro. This time around, Navarro has already received twice the campaign contributions he did in 2016, and caught the eyes of prominent national politicians and media outlets.

Deputy Campaign Manager Maurice Saldebar, introduced Navarro at the event, stating: …Ms. Waters is our best advertisement.  You only need to look in the daily news at what she says and does to determine that she is not keeping her oath of office to the people of the 43rd District.

Over the last few days, on the news of Ms. Waters’ latest travails, we have received hundreds of inquiries from people nationwide. Citizens who don’t even live in California are contacting us, asking how to volunteer for the campaign, donate services, contribute money, walk precincts, make phone calls. The Navarro 2018 Campaign has been inundated with inquiries and interview requests and we expect the momentum to continue as the Congresswoman continues making news in the current fashion…

Action Republican President Aurelio Mattucci, channeled support for Navarro at the event, stating “though we have our work cut out for us, we have a path to victory…We can reach across the aisle in the 43rd, be willing to work with others and cooperate with Washington D.C., turn Democrats on the fence and work with the Independents.” He reiterated Navarro’s view that “you only have to look at the anger across the state of California, taxes, crumbling infrastructure, the many people begging for change and to Make California Great Again, as a mandate for new representation.  30 years of liberal rule and gerrymandered districts have decimated our state”

The theme of Navarro’s speech was “Pushing Back While Pushing Forward: “We can’t let another 6 years of the 43rd district being under-served go unanswered.” Navarro’s talk included a focus on keeping jobs and companies in Torrance, citing Toyota’s planned departure from CA, the growing homeless population and the needs of veterans.

“Republicans need to come out of the woodwork, be proud to be Republican, be proud of our President, the House and the Senate and give 2018 the biggest turnout in a non-presidential election ever,” said Navarro.  He also discussed his outreach plan for the 54% Latino population in his distrct and its 400,000 unregistered voters.

Navarro’s immediate 90-day objective in “Pushing Back While Pushing Forward” is to begin persuading Independents and Democrats who are on the fence.  “Do we want another 6 years of what we’ve been getting from Washington D.C.?”

While Maxine Waters quixotically works on Trump’s taxes and impeachment, Navarro explained how he will be working for the constituents of the 43rd noting that Waters, does not even live in the region she is supposed to represent, while the areas of her voter base go into decline.

Omar Navarro is running for the 43rd Congressional District seat of California, which is centered in South Los Angeles and includes portions of unincorporated Los Angeles, Carson, Gardena and Torrance, as well as Hawthorne, Lawndale, Inglewood and Lomita.

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