Torrance Citizen Criticizes Mayor Furey Over Actions Taken Against Omar Navarro

A citizen of Torrance takes to YouTube to voice his concerns over Mayor Patrick J. Furey apologizing for the “actions” of Omar Navarro.



An excellent and very straightforward analysis of events is offered for your consideration, suspicions are raised of corruption and the final finding offered is:

They are trying to smear Omar, but we have much more dirt on them. We have much more information [presented here] that is incriminating. So, I say, ‘Let ’em do it. Let ’em do it. They’d be smarter to keep their mouths shut, speak about actual policy, and actually come to the negotiating table speaking with Omar. They’d have a better chance of winning.

And, this is the point Omar has been trying to make in live streams and videos for months. Violence and chaos has no place in the arena of ideas and politics. Omar Navarro is against sanctuary cities and illegal immigration. California’s Democrats are for sanctuary cities and illegal immigration. The most extreme among them, including groups such as Defend Movement, would prefer not only for California to become a sanctuary state but for the United States of America to simply no longer include California. They would prefer to secede.

And, the Defend Movement uses eleven-year-old children as street soldiers in rioting mobs that threaten violence, cause property damage, intimidate, bully and chase down the street…then behave like victims when the occupants of a car under attack used pepper spray to defend themselves.



As you can see – this is the fight. This is the job. And, Omar Navarro wants this job. He can do it. He can change things for the better by simply holding true to what he said he would do:

  • Represent you
  • Fight for your family
  • Say NO to sanctuary cities
  • Say NO to government corruption
  • Support President Donald J. Trump
  • Drain the swamp
  • Make California Great Again
  • Restore opportunity for the 43rd district

Step one was showing up. Meaning it. Being sincere. Actually being the promise. Living it. That’s been step one. And, Omar Navarro will continue to prove to you that he is going to put your time, energy and other resources to the best use in solution to today’s problems right here and now – in real time.

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