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Maxine Waters’ trip to New Hampshire created a firestorm of 2020 presidential buzz for the California Democrat. Perhaps so much buzz, that the Congresswoman wants to taper down attention of the events.

According to the New Hampshire Republican Party, the press is barred from the event.

According to the reports, Waters is slated to give a speech today in the Granite State.

Daily Mail UK reports:

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., could be testing the presidential waters next week, as she’s headed to New Hampshire to give a speech.

The Manchester-based TV station WMUR reported that Waters will headline a picnic fundraiser for the Stafford County Democratic Committee on July 23.

Future presidential contenders usually try out their message in Iowa, which holds the country’s first caucus, and New Hampshire, the site of the first primary – so accepting a speaking gig in either of these two states suggests that a politician is seeking higher office.

Source: WOW! Democrats BLOCK the Press From Covering Maxine Waters’ New Hampshire Event

Spread the word, share it everywhere!
  1. I guess Old Maxie Pad doesn’t want the populace to see that she is bat sh%t crazy….or maybe she will remove her “James Brown Wig” for them to see the true maxie

  2. Kevin Benedict says:

    If Omar’s speech at the Trump National event is any guide, Waters should be shivering in her boots. Watch for the media to do many dirty tricks even more underhanded than this. Maxie is the Deep State’s attack dog, they will pull out all the stops starting with promoting a primary challenger she thinks can be beaten.

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