Campaign Priorities

  • Build Our Nation’s Military Readiness and Posture

    Our nation’s leaders need to restore this great country’s military. Previous offices have let it deteriorate, opening it up to attack. We saw how easily our Navy’s USS Firebolt was harassed by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy in the Persian Gulf during September of 2016. This is disgusting behavior on international waters. With Omar Navarro onboard, they would behave much better than that.

  • Get Rid of Corruption/Greed In Government

    The Republican Party was founded on ending corruption and greed in the government. From its inception, the party thought it necessary to put an end to accepting bribes and to resist and remove all forms of immorality. Today, those values still ring true for the Republican Party. The government is still expected to work for the people, self-interest is to be ignored, and the common good is priority over individual will. These ethics will remain intact, if not stronger than before, when you elect Omar Navarro.

  • True Transparency In Government / Keep Government Open

    The ability to preserve liberty rests on the American people through performing checks on their government. The government should never be unreachable to the public. It is also the government’s responsibility to maintain an atmosphere of transparency. They owe it to the people who elect them to build a foundation of liberty that serves the public. By electing virtuous leaders, such as Omar Navarro, the American people can challenge corruption and greed from the inside out.

  • Balance the National Budget

    Time and time again, the Republicans have attempted to reform the budget procedure. A new Constitutional amendment is needed that would require a state majority rule for any tax increases, except for emergencies on a national level. Also, a cap would be placed to limit spending to the historical average percentage of GDP. This way, future tax hikes can be avoided by a Congress trying to stabilize the budget.

  • Make Our Borders Safe By Enforcing Existing Immigration Policies and Laws

    Significant steps will be taken to make the federal government efficient; access points will have tighter security; and threats of nuclear terrorism will be reduced. At the same time, your liberties and rights will be protected so that America remains a land of justice and freedom. National security is the reason we have freedom. A strong immigration policy will prevent infiltration from enemy nations and anyone who opposes assimilation into American society.

  • Affordable Higher Education

    Today, college graduates are faced with staggering unemployment rates. Many grads seek jobs for which they are over qualified. Our education system is inflated today. We need to strip it down to the basics: educational programs that get graduates jobs. Additionally, there should be options to extend training and education at community colleges to keep costs down for those not wanting a traditional four-year degree. As technology and the economy changes it is important to create relevant models for acquiring new skills.

  • Control of Public Education

    Control of public education will be given back to the parents, teachers, and school leaders. As this happens, the federal government’s involvement will become limited. The focus will be on providing rights to parents who wish to homeschool and providing protection to a family’s right to choose public, private, or home education.

  • Education Choices – Private, Home School and Public Education and Schooling

    Omar Navarro applauds initiatives to increase school choices for parents that give them more control over the education their children receive. Staying with these efforts means we can give parents the option of home schooling. The rights and privacy of the family to private education will be protected by law. Your children will never be forced to answer derogatory or invasive surveys by the local or federal government. The government’s job is not to pry into the personal motives for a parent’s choice of education, whether that be private, home school, or public education.

  • Be Pro-Life

    I will support a ban on abortion except in cases of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is in danger. Halo organizations such as Planned Parenthood would be de-funded. International groups that perform abortions or provide support for abortion services will not receive any federal money.

  • Protect Our 2nd Amendment Rights

    In many crises, brutality can be avoided and lives saved when people are armed. Gun rights will not be eliminated and the Second Amendment will be honored. The people have the right to arm themselves to protect themselves, their homes, and their property. Individuals on the federal no-fly list will be prevented from purchasing firearms.

  • Lower Our Taxes

    Tax cuts will be in the form of reductions across-the-board. Massive cuts will be made to working and middle-income Americans. The number of tax brackets will be reduced, corporate taxes will be cut, and the estate tax will be abolished. A solid monetary policy will be favored over imposing inflation that cripples those on fixed incomes and punishes those who save. No more of this hidden tax for the American people.

  • Sustain and Create Jobs

    New jobs will be created and outsourced jobs will be brought back to America, especially manufacturing ones. The U.S. corporate tax rate will be cut so that American companies are not forced to seek cheap labor in other countries. The trade deficit will be cut, taxes will be lowered, and eliminating regulations will increase job creation. Companies that leave the U.S. and sell their goods back to Americans will be taxed a border tax.

  • Back Our Current Fighting Forces and Our Veterans

    The military doesn’t always necessarily get involved in politics as much as they carry out orders from politicians. However, the 2016 presidential election proved they had their own opinions that differed greatly from the past 8 years of the White House’s decision making. According to the Military Times, the troops prefer a conservative approach to foreign policy. By voting for Omar Navarro, you will be helping the troops with their goal of keeping a conservative lean in Congress.

  • Strengthen Homeland Security to Keep Our Country Safe

    Omar Navarro is not afraid to let his opinions be known about how to keep our soil safe. He promises to enforce this country’s immigration laws, refuse bribery to do otherwise, and always win on your behalf. Action on multiple fronts will be taken to keep our homeland safe. Terrorists will be hunted down before they attack. Terrorist financing will be traced to its sources and eliminated.

  • Help Hunt Down and Defeat Terror Cells Here In Our Country

    Excess of transnational terrorism will be immediately dealt with by the backing of our defense programs. Law enforcement and counterterrorism intelligence will work closely together at home and abroad by fully adhering to the Patriot Act. These call-to-actions are designed to break up plots and terror cells by seizing terrorist information resources and points of contact. Republicans know these are key points to enforcing the Patriot Act that will keep our country safe.

  • Enact Legislation For Higher Scrutiny of Refugees

    Asylum to individuals or groups under religious, ethnic or political hostility will be limited. American lives will not be placed at risk to appease refugees or liberals. Our immigration policies will be enforced and all immigrants will be properly screened. Foreigners seeking asylum from terror-friendly countries will be under special scrutiny. Refugees wanting to resettle will be on hold until extreme examination procedures are implemented.

  • Better Laws For Handicapped, Disabled and Those With Mental Health Issues

    Obamacare will be repealed and replaced through reform. The replacement policy will be affordable and accessible to all citizens and it will address the needs of the mentally ill, handicapped, and disabled better than current policy. Everyone’s needs will be met by creating a healthcare plan that meets everyone on their level of care. The American people will have health insurance options choice once again.

  • Better Employment Opportunities

    Economic growth is the best way to combat stagnant employment rates. No Washington-manufactured subsidy or amount of spending will make America better. It is much deeper than that. A boisterous job market follows an economic upswing. Free markets are the key to improving the economy and are the surest path to increasing employment and job creation.

  • Get Rid of Crime, Criminals and Corruption

    There will be no tolerance for brutality and lawlessness. Instead of political correctness being the law of the land, tough guidelines will be in place to help out law enforcement. Our police men and women are in desperate need of a government that supports them. Offenders will not be tolerated and our law enforcement will be respected once again. Police profiling will be applauded instead of scrutinized as racially derogatory. It is essential in preventing domestic and international attacks on U.S. soil.

  • Enable First Responders Do Their Jobs

    The courageous men and women who serve as first responders (Fire, Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Personnel) deserve our appreciation and support. It is never easy to handle a crisis and politicians should not make it more difficult. America will rededicate herself to the pursuit of justice and the mandates of law. The nation and individuals will honor those who protect and serve us.

  • Less Regulations on Small Businesses

    More than half the gross domestic product (GDP) comes from small businesses. Tens of millions of people work for them and they make up a majority of U.S. exporters and patents. The government should treat them better with this in mind. Lower tax rates, eliminating the death tax, tearing up bureaucratic tape, and opening up overseas markets will provide support for small business owners.